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<Shipping schedule>
Scheduled to be shipped sequentially from mid-January onwards

*Contains a total of 20,000 yen worth of Creepy Nuts Official Goods sold so far.
*Sales will end as soon as the planned sales volume is reached.
*Please select the size before purchasing.
*Please note that once your order has been completed, we cannot cancel, exchange, change the size, or return the product.
*Items will be delivered in original designed packaging materials. Since this is packaging material for transportation, it cannot be exchanged for any reason, such as damage, dirt, bent corners, etc.
*Illustration is for illustrative purposes only, so colors and other details may differ from the actual product.
* Plain packaging materials will be used when shipping a replacement item due to a transportation accident or a non-defective item replacing a defective item.
*Please note that this product cannot be purchased together with other products.
*You can purchase up to one item per order, so if you are purchasing multiple items, please make separate purchases.
*Delivery may be delayed depending on the shipping status, delivery status, etc. Thank you for your understanding.

About payment methods

credit card

You can use the following card brands. There is no administration fee required for credit card payments.

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Convenience store settlement

Payment can be made from Lawson/FamilyMart/Ministop/Daily/Seicomart. The administrative fee for convenience store payments is a flat rate of 330 yen (tax included). Please pay at one of the convenience stores selected on the payment method input screen within 3 days from the day after your order.

*If you choose convenience store payment (KOMOJU), KOMOJU will send you an email containing the number required for payment. If you have set up to receive emails, please remove the filter for "" and configure your settings so that you can receive emails from


Pay-easy's administrative fee is a flat rate of 330 yen (tax included). Please make payment within 10 days from the day after your order.

About product delivery


Regular delivery: 870 yen
Nekoposu (post-in): 430 yen
Delivery to overseas: The amount varies depending on the country and region. Please check the payment page.